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Put a new digital SPIN on your business.

Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency Iowa

Spin Markket + Digital is your local Digital Advertising Agency with clients across the US providing over 250 digital products that are specifically tailored to each business. In 2022, Spin is celebrating 10 years of assisting businesses and their communities grow by improving their digital online footprint. When a business improves its online presence, it is also directly impacting the entire community by showing the world what it has to offer.

In those ten years, there has been significant growth and changes. In the beginning Spin coordinated events and projects like Iowa Great Places, CJ BioCargill’s Grand Opening, Market on Central, Blanden Arts Festival, Gunderson Funeral Home 50th Anniversary, and Nestle Purina 40th Anniversary.

Social Media and the exploration of implementing other digital platforms were still very much in their infancy but it was apparent that it would be the direction that would take marketing from brick-and-mortar storefronts to becoming the front door for businesses across the world.

Located in the historic downtown district of Fort Dodge, Spin Markket + Digital empowers the businesses we work with to embrace the digital world. Not all digital marketing platforms are a right fit for every business, but with the Spin Markket + Digital team, we are able to find that special recipe that wins over current and future customers or clients. We deliver a web presence along with a social strategy that tells your unique business story at a budget and time commitment that is exactly right for you.

Marketing is one of the most critical areas to invest in when it comes to growing a business—yet many struggle to find the time and resources to locate and develop their talent, let alone execute an effective marketing strategy. That is where Spin Markket + Digital excels.

The Spin Team provides over 250 digital products such as website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / VSO (Voice Search Optimization), Reputation Management (Reviews), Social Media, Graphic Design, Google Search, Local and Digital Ads, Blogs, professional Video and Photo, CRM and a Business App Dashboard that tracks all online activity.

A new service just launched in 2022 is Podcasts. While the name suggests a new product, it really is very much the next generation of talk radio using a digital platform. Clients receive a professionally designed podcast that is developed, recorded, and launched by the Spin Digital Team to be heard by anyone at any time.

Providing the Business App Dashboard for clients to monitor their digital information in one location in real-time supplies the data needed to make strategic decisions with their marketing and business growth. The dashboard generates data that shows the ROI of digital campaigns, keywords, and phrases, tracking all reviews and citations and collecting digital information in an organized format.

This same dashboard provides clients online insight into additional information on comparable businesses and even direct competition. Another layer of information that elevates how to compete in the digital world.

Spin Markket + Digital is committed to supporting and growing the region by actively working with students at our community colleges and universities along with supporting organizations like Main Street Fort Dodge, the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance, Leadership Fort Dodge, Leadership Iowa, Fort Dodge Noon Rotary and as a Goldman Sachs 10KSB Alumni.


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