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Why Small Businesses Should Be Using Google Business Profile

Google business profile graphic of an online store.

Since 2014, entrepreneurs have been using Google Business Profile to promote their brands. The profile can boost your firm’s local SEO efforts. If you are still unsure whether to create the listing, here’s how it can benefit your small business.

What Is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile, is a free listing for local companies. You can create a profile with details such as images, descriptions, services, and your location.

One of the reasons entrepreneurs choose to use Google Business Profile is to increase visibility for their brand. After listing on Google, your profile will appear on Google Search, Google Shopping, and Google Maps.

Google Business Profile guidelines only accept businesses that make in-person contact during their regular working hours. That means businesses with a physical location such as plumbers, restaurants, and HVAC services. Online companies are not eligible but can only use other applications on Google’s platform like Google Analytics and Google Ads.

However, Google guidelines have a few exceptions. Virtual or Ghost kitchens can list in Google Business Profile as a service area business. It describes companies that deliver products or services to their clients directly but do not host clients on their premises.

Benefits of Using Google Business Profile

The Google Business Profile is a free advertising opportunity from Google. After setting up your profile, your business can benefit in the following ways.

Manage and Update Your Company’s Information

According to the guidelines, only owners and authorized representatives can update the information on the profile. Nonetheless, the platform offers administrators of the site a lot of control to manage profile details.

Authorized administrators can update contact information, business address, and working hours. You can also share news, announcements, or service updates on the profile.

The details on your profile will appear on Google News and Google Shopping platforms. It can be a great way to inform your clients when you’ll reopen. Since Google profiles perform better for local SEO, your company’s listing will outshine third-party sites with outdated information.

Increase Visibility and Boost Local SEO

person pointing at a computer screen showing SEO analytics.

A Google Business Profile can increase visibility for your products and services. Since it is for businesses with a physical location, it can boost foot and online traffic.

The listing will appear on Google Maps, sharing information that allows prospects to visit your business. Your company will also be on the local SEO 3-Pack.

The Google 3-Pack is a listing of three results that appears on the SERP pages as users search for a local business. When you enter terms like “plumber near me” or “restaurants in Fort Dodge,” the 3-pack will appear in the results below the paid search.

Why is the Google 3-pack essential for small businesses? According to statistics, it appears on the results page approximately 93% of the time. The traffic from your listing can boost your lead generation efforts.

However, you still have to work on your local SEO. It may involve acquiring backlinks from other authoritative local sites. Another option is to work with a digital marketing business like Spin Markket + Digital. Nevertheless, you can leverage your profile to get local traffic through organic strategies.

Request Reviews to Build Trust

Customer reviews have emerged as one of the most valuable tools for social proof. Consumers rely on ratings to support their decision-making process when shopping for products or services. It also allows companies to utilize external validation from their customers.

Studies indicate reviews are a core part of your online presence. One report found that 92% of consumers turn to reviews before making a purchase decision. Most clients trust reviews more than recommendations from friends or work colleagues.

Google and Facebook are the most popular platforms for customer reviews. Small businesses can get up to a five-star rating and a flexible space to share their experiences. Google also uses the reviews' data to rank your website on the SERP pages.

You can boost your business profile by requesting ratings and reviews from your customers. While you may be worried about negative reviews, a combination of negative and positive is more trustworthy. A profile with too many positive comments will come across as inauthentic.

Respond to Customer Concerns in Real-Time

You can include the messaging function when setting up Google Business Profile. The platform utilizes the feature to enable businesses to communicate with clients in real-time. Users visiting your profile will see a messaging icon they can click to initiate a chart.

You can use the messaging feature to facilitate timely responses to your customer's concerns. For example, a prospect searching for your product may want to inquire about custom options before committing to a purchase. You can respond through text or Google’s messaging application.

A fast response demonstrates that your company cares about its customer’s concerns. Therefore, make a point of responding to all reviews and comments, including the negative ones.

You can acknowledge positive comments while clarifying issues from concerned customers. Responding to reviews indicates a high level of engagement that can boost web traffic and sales.

Boost Your Business Image

If your goal is to #MakeSmallBig, Google Business Profile is the best platform to promote your services and product. It costs virtually nothing to create and maintain your profile. The page gives prospects contacts, working hours, website, and directions to your premises.

An optimized web presence is crucial for the success of your small business, online and offline. According to Spin Markket + Digital, you only have one chance to make a lasting impression. Leverage the free advertising opportunity to get leads and boost sales.

Small businesses can promote their brand and boost their bottom line through their Google Business Profile. It's free, meaning you can #MakeSmallBig by optimizing your listing. Talk to the experts at Spin Markket + Digital for customized online marketing solutions.


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