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How to Optimize Your Content for Improved Social Media Engagement

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A basic digital marketing tool that your business should be using consistently is social media. Even if you have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they're not doing you any good if you're not posting to each account on a regular basis. In addition to establishing a steady presence on the big three sites, you should also follow good practices for maximizing engagement from your followers and other users.

How to Improve Social Media Engagement with Better Content

Use a Social Media Monitoring Service

You won't know what strikes a chord with your followers if you're not paying attention to how they interact with your posts. You can use an app or a digital marketing service to collect data analytics on your posts, or you can visually monitor the interactions each post gets. Pay special attention to posts that get numerous likes, shares, and comments. Compare these posts to ones that don't see as much engagement.

This will help you learn what your followers do and don't like about your content. This type of data monitoring can help you refine your posts so that you increase your engagement for every post you make on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Create Attention-Grabbing Posts

A large block of text isn't going to stand out against a white background that's already inundated with wall after wall of text. Keep your text short and concise to ensure people won't lose interest in reading your content. Additionally, be sure that every post features a video or image. Users are far more likely to stop to look at a post that includes some type of multimedia. Make sure your video or image is relevant to your topic.

A digital marketing firm, such as Spin Markket + Digital in Fort Dodge, IA, can help you create more engaging posts.

Remember That Your Profile Matters

When a user likes a post, chances are they will also click the link to the poster's profile to learn more about them. For this reason, you should take the time to create a strong profile on each social media site. While Instagram and Twitter limit what you can add to your public profile, Facebook provides the opportunity to be more detailed.

For this reason, each of these profiles should link to at least one other profile. Use the same profile image, contact information, and bio text for uniformity and to ensure users can easily find all of your social media accounts.

Always Link to Your Website

Every post you make on the three big social networking sites should link to your business' website. The links can direct users to a blog post or a service page, but everything should be designed to increase traffic to your site. Try to keep things relevant. If your post refers to a specific blog post, your link should take users to that post. If you're discussing a service your business offers, link to that service page. Even if you don't get many interactions on a post, the users who see that post may still follow your links to learn more.

Take Steps to Reach More Users

The algorithms that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter uses doesn't guarantee all your followers will see every post you publish. Additionally, you should be making an effort to reach users who don't already follow you. To address both of these issues, be sure to use hashtags with relevant keyword phrases on each social media post. This will help you reach a larger number of users with an interest in the topic of each post.

Since your goal is to reach as many people within your target demographic as possible, relevant hashtags such as #MakeSmallBig will help you increase your social media interactions.

Woman using tablet with animation social media icon.

Serve a Purpose With Each Post

Every social media post you publish should serve a purpose by providing information that users will find valuable and interesting. This is simple enough to do if you're linking to a blog post, but linking to a service page requires a little more finesse. You don't want to write something that feels like a blatant hard sell, so working with a firm that has experience in writing these types of posts, such as Spin Markket + Digital in Fort Dodge, IA, can be beneficial.

Try to write these posts in a way that solves a problem for any user reading the post. If they can trust that their needs will be answered on your website, they will be more likely to click through to your site.

Freebies Work Well

Take the opportunity to host contests and giveaways on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. If users feel as though they might win something of value, they will be more likely to follow your account. This is especially true if hosting contests is something you do on a regular basis.

When holding this type of event, it's important to require users to share the post as a condition for entry into the contest. This will help you extend your reach, and you'll get more participation from other social media users.

Use an Authentic Voice

Users will be more likely to interact with your posts if they feel as though you're using an authentic voice. This should involve being honest about your business and its products. If there are specific philosophies that you have established for your brand, share them with your followers. Users want to feel a connection with their favorite brands, and a more personal approach will help. Try sharing pictures of your employees at public events, meetings, and conventions. These steps will help you connect with consumers on an emotional level.

If you feel overwhelmed by the vast digital marketing opportunities available to you, get the professional insight and services you need from Spin Markket + Digital. This Fort Dodge, IA firm can help you meet your marketing goals anywhere in the world. You'll see a growing increase in your ROI, and you will get the opportunity to work with the top talented digital marketers in the field today.


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