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Google and Yahoo Are Cracking Down on Inbox Spam and Email Marketing.

Google and Yahoo, two tech giants, are taking decisive steps to rein in indiscriminate email marketing. With new regulations in effect, bulk email senders must now authenticate their addresses, facilitate one-click unsubscribes, and maintain low spam complaint rates. Failure to comply could result in emails being relegated to spam folders or reduced delivery to main inboxes.

Karim Meghji, Chief Product Officer at, highlights the significance of these changes for ensuring clearer communication with stakeholders.

This crackdown reflects a broader industry push to refine email marketing standards and protect users from phishing scams and spam. Neil Kumaran from Gmail's security team underscores the evolving challenges posed by technologies like generative AI, necessitating stricter measures.

The overarching goal is to streamline the email experience and email marketing, making it more predictable and less cluttered for both users and marketers.

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