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Time to schedule that Email Campaign

One marketing campaign that every business can use it email. But as simple as putting together an email campaign would appear there are some best practices that you should consider. Here are a few tips and a "Best Practices Email Checklist" to help you put together a successful email campaign.

Types of Campaigns

There are four types of email campaigns you’ll be sending to your clients. Whether it’s informative content or a call-to-action, you want your email to have a purpose.

Newsletters to keep your client's customers updated on their business.

Drip campaigns to improve engagement with clients.

Sales campaigns to notify your client's customers about timely deals and promotions.

Holiday/event emails to improve brand recognition with your client and inform their customer base of local events.

Steps to Create Your First Campaign

Step 1: Pick a purpose; acquisition, adoption, or upsell.

Step 2: Create or choose from existing content.

Step 3: Set the time “delay”

Step 4: Set your campaign configurations, if desired.

Step 5: Set your automations by market, if desired

Step 6: Preview and test your campaign

Step 7: Publish

Best Practice Email Checklist (1)
Download PDF • 157KB
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