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Passionate Marketing Agency Owner

A Passionate Marketing Agency Owner means ensuring your client’s needs are met by educating, building a relationship, and getting involved.

We bring Cheryl O’Hern, Founder of Spin Markket + Digital, on the podcast this week to discuss what it means to be an agency owner. Chery is the definition of a passionate marketing agency owner; she is dedicated to her clients and the local businesses they serve. In this episode, Cheryl and George explore what it means to build a connection with your client, why it’s crucial to the success of the working relationship, educating on what you as their marketing guru deliver, and when they will hear the cha-ching!

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, Cheryl develops innovative campaigns across a wide range of businesses that create the EXPERIENCE to engage the targeted audiences’ hearts and minds. By utilizing data that evaluates the behaviors, interests, diversity, and the EXPERIENCE to the right market at the right time, she can ultimately drive the results her clients are reaching for. Cheryl is known as an envelope pusher with Kickstarter marketing in a freshly brewed social and digital world. She ventured out as a small business owner after years in the corporate circle in 2012 with Spin Markket. With a background in various fortune 500 businesses and marketing platforms, she can bring a wide knowledge base of experiences for her clients. Several of her campaigns have garnered national attention and notice from the industries they represent and media giants.


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