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Making a SPLASH with a new website

What makes a great website? Good bones. Attractive looking. Entertaining. Educational. Easy to use and find answers.

Good Bones

A solid foundation is important to having a solid home. The same thing applies to your website to make sure it is searchable and functions properly.

Your links actually link. Your photos load quickly and properly. Your keywords make you website move up the Google ladder. These are just a few of the must does to make your website stand up and out.

Attractive Looking

Please do everything you can to not use stock photos. Photos of the building, staff, interior, products, services and what you are all about.

You want your website to look like your businesses. Here is an example of a website we just designed for a pediatric dentist clinic that shows parents and their children exactly what they will see when they visit for the first time. CLICK HERE

And do not forget about a video! Videos that introduce your staff, demonstrations on your products and services, adding a video to a blog, and giving a tour of your store are just a few of the examples of types of videos that your future customers or clients would like to see.


Is your website fun? Okay. Not literally fun but has interesting with creative icons, actual photos and even staff pets. Today your customers or clients are looking to learn more about your business as well as your staff. They want to know that you are approachable and someone that they would like to know better.


Let your customers know about your company, your products and your staff. This can be done both visually and with content. Again, do not go for stock photos. Spend the time and money to have some good photos taken.

This goes for your products and services as well. For an online store, take the time to get a photo of the real product so your customer sees and receives exactly what they were expecting to receive.

Easy to Use and Find Answers

You know how frustrating that is when you go from tab to tab to find what you are looking for. This goes for your contact information as well. Do not hide it at the very bottom of the page. Give them options on how to contact you with emails, your actual location and even a phone number and have it in more than one place on your website.

If you have a chatbot make sure someone is monitoring it. There is nothing more frustrating for your customers and clients to try using your chatbot and no one responds.

Spin Markket + Digital provides digital marketing and strategies for small and medium size businesses. Supporting Shop Local, Shop Small and #MakingSmallBig

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