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Maintain Your Marketing Efforts and Gain Traffic During COVID-19

As individuals and businesses rely more on the web during this time, your brand's online presence is more valuable than ever.

Our goal today is to share valuable insights to help you maintain your organization's digital marketing efforts on your website and social media profiles during COVID-19.

Millions of individuals are working from home, self-isolating and turning to the internet for education, entertainment and more. Your website content, search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and social media profiles have the power to attract more eyes and make a deeper impact than ever before.

Here are some specific marketing best practices to help your organization gain visibility and provide value to your audience.

You may have also seen changes across different platforms since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. Some of these changes, such as Google Reviews, are designed to protect businesses from comments and messages that do not truly represent your business. Other changes can impact how your posts are viewed and where they are seen. Shifting regulations and processes require changes on your end to maintain traffic and engagement.

People are developing new trends and what content they are seeking currently. While they want information on the COVID-19 situation they are also looking for a break. Seeking ideas to communicate creatively, pulling out from the past ways that families connected and simplifying their lives are just a few.

Today your SEO and website visibility are even more important. It is also more than just find the right keywords. There are some real strategies to accomplish this along with continuing to improve and stay on top of the search.

While posting and working on your brand’s voice is important you also need to better engage your audience on these social platforms. Seeking comments and shares not only expands your brand’s exposure it also connects with your audience and today connecting digitally is more important than ever.

Businesses that utilize their Google My Business effectively see results. There are some new features and regulations that Google provides that are excellent ways to respond to the COVID-19. Also scaling down on Google Reviews to protect your business from comments that may not be warranted but submitted in frustration during this time of uncertainty has been implemented.

Not every digital platform is best for every business. A strategy of what your goals are and how that platform performs need to be considered. There may even be platforms that you should be avoiding at this time.

And what to do after we come out of this hibernation created by the coronavirus. Today is the time to take a hard look at your marketing. Updates, changes and preparing for the ramp up are part of a great offense plan to prepare you for a predicted fast growth and catch up period of our economy.

Clear direction today on your business’s brand with online content and digital platforms that work for your business will give you the edge in the coming days, weeks and months.

Spin Markket + Digital provides marketing strategies that work for businesses while providing real time tools to track ROI. Contact us at 515-302-8026 or today to schedule a call. You can also go online and get your own detailed snapshot report of how you are doing online today at in about 24 hours.

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