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Even the Governor's Staff Googles!

You have heard me say over and over that the best examples of how important digital marketing plays in making sure you are noticed is using examples of what our clients experience. Well, it happened again this week.

It all started with a phone call from the Governor's office asking if staff would be available to meet with the Governor and Lt. Governor to discuss childcare in our community.

As part of the campaign project to increase the need for childcare in our community as well as to kick off a campaign for a new childcare center, they had hired our services to manage the digital marketing. I had explained to the board and the committee the strategy behind the campaign that we were going to run and that you just never know whose attention we will get.

The phone rang and the Governor's Assistant said that they would like to meet and discuss the needs for child care, more information on what our client was doing on the project and how the Iowa Legislature can play a role in the project as it impacts everyone in our state.

Our client said she was curious as to how the Governor's staff heard about the project. "I asked her assistant why she contacted me…was it Sen. Kraayenbrink, Rep. Meyer? She said she did a Google search and our info popped up! So she read about everything we’d been doing…..Thanks Cheryl!!" Read more about the meeting.

While we cannot guarantee that the Governor will be visiting your business, we can make sure that your next new customer and client finds you. Let's talk today at Spin Markket + Digital by calling 515-302-8026

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