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2023 Digital Marketing Trends

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We live in an age of digital transformation. As technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning become more widely available, marketers are finding themselves adapting to new processes of planning, producing, and distributing content.

We know you’re curious about what's next on the horizon—which is why we've compiled this list of digital marketing trends you need to look out for in 2023.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

The Metaverse

In recent years, there has been an increase in awareness surrounding this concept, with big brands like Starbucks announcing a new metaverse experience for its customers to enjoy. Nike introduced their own branded app that allowed customers to create their own customized shoe designs before being 3D printed on demand at one of their retail locations in Shanghai, China.

The potential for the metaverse to be used by brands and companies as a way to connect with their customers is huge. It allows for new ways to experience products and services. Moreover, it also opens up opportunities for more personalized interactions between companies and consumers.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will be used to create new content. Companies are already using AI to create music and art, with more on the way. For example, Google’s Magenta project is creating music based on neural networks. And startups like Jukedeck are using AI to create soundtracks for videos or games. AI is already being used by marketers—but as computers get smarter and start learning from their mistakes, they'll be able to do things like understand natural language or customize ads based on user data.

Inclusive Representation in Creative Planning

On an industry level, representation is important. Inclusive representation creates a more inclusive world, which is beneficial to all people. The same applies to marketing and creative planning: when you include diverse perspectives in your planning process, you'll be able to reach more audiences with your content than ever before. Here's how you can do it:

  • Make sure that everyone involved in the decision-making process has different backgrounds and experiences.

  • Think about what kinds of people are going to see or interact with your content and consider their needs when deciding how best to approach them.

  • Hire a diverse group of creatives who have experience working within different industries.

Prioritize Sustainability

Sustainability is an important topic in digital marketing. It's important for companies to consider how their actions impact the world around them, both now and in the future. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, brands need to adapt their business models accordingly. That means reducing carbon footprints while making sure products are made responsibly.

In 2019, Google announced that it would no longer serve ads on websites that don't meet its sustainability standards. This means that if your company isn't taking steps to reduce its environmental impact or promote positive change, you could risk losing access to one of the most powerful advertising platforms on Earth!

Focus On Gen Z

Vector image of Gen Zers following influencers on social media platforms.

As the generation that has always had a smartphone in their hands, Gen Z has been exposed to social media and other digital marketing channels since they were children. In fact, they’re more likely to be heavy users of multiple screens than any previous generation—meaning that it’s essential for brands to have a presence on all of the platforms where Gen Z spends time.

One way you can capitalize on this is by making sure that your online marketing content is relevant to them. For example, when creating branded video content for social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, consider using hashtags related to Gen Z interests.

Another way to reach Gen Z is by using influencer marketing. In fact, most Gen Zers follow at least one influencer on Instagram, and they’re more likely than any other generation to choose a brand because of an influencer’s recommendation—so it’s important for brands to find and partner with the right influencers for their target audience.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world. Imagine a Pokémon GO-like experience where you can walk around your city and see animated characters pop up on your phone in real-time. The technology has been around for years, but it's only recently that brands are starting to use it in marketing campaigns.

In marketing, augmented reality can be used to offer an immersive experience and engage consumers in new ways. Brands like Dior, Burberry, and more have already incorporated AR into their marketing campaigns.

If you're looking for the next big thing in digital marketing trends, now is the time to start incorporating augmented reality into your strategy!

Short-Form Video

Short-form video is a great way to engage your audience. You can use it to tell a story, highlight information, and inspire action. Short videos are easier to digest and share than long ones, so they’re more likely to go viral. You can also use them as an effective way of promoting your business and brand messaging by creating engaging content that resonates with viewers.

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, video can be a great option. It gives you the chance to leave a lasting impression on your audience through an engaging and memorable experience.

There’s no doubt that we’re in a time of unprecedented technological change. The world is more connected than ever before, and it seems like every day, there’s another new technology that promises to change our lives forever. What this means for marketers is the need to stay on top of these trends so they can be prepared when they do come into play—and also so they can adapt quickly when something goes wrong.

If you keep an eye on all these different areas of innovation, then hopefully, your business will be ready for whatever comes next! But if you’re finding it difficult to stay on top of technological innovations, the Spin Markket + Digital team is here to help! Give our team of digital marketing masters a call at 515.302.8026 or visit our website for more information on how you can upgrade your marketing strategy for the new year.

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