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Say "Good Riddance" To Your Ugly Website

Websites are important for every business. In today’s digital age, having accessible online information is crucial for success. Having a website isn’t enough, though. What matters is what’s on your website. An ugly website can be a great way to shoot your business in the foot when people are searching for you online.

Be sure to connect your Google Analytics for more insight. Our staff at Spin Markket + Digital can provide you assistance and answer questions.

How to avoid having an ugly website:

  1. Ugly domain

  2. Long loading times

  3. Complicated or overwhelming interface

  4. Automatic music or videos

  5. Missing contact info

  6. Doesn’t have an opt-in newsletter

  7. Missing a blog section

  8. Your site lacks a clear message or "About Us" page. 

And remember any content that provides value will help with your conversion rates. For example, 77% of consumers online still enjoy a good old read in their downtime, especially as it pertains to blogs.

Contact us at Spin Markket + Digital for more information on how your website looks online at 515-302-8026.

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