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Spin Markket selected to Customer Advisory Council

As a digital marketing agency, Spin Markket works with a wide range of small to medium businesses across the US and has recently been selected out of 60,000 other digital marketing agencies to be one of 20 for a new Customer Advisory Council. The Customer Advisory Council works with companies developing digital marketing platforms and services for small and medium businesses. Members of the Council evaluate and provide recommendations on improving customer service as well as assisting with research and development of digital platforms.

The hand-selected elite group of 20 agencies recently traveled to Canada for 3 days of meetings with Digital Development Teams and to provide their thoughts and feedback on the digital platforms. The group will continue to meet quarterly as they review platform changes based on the recommendation along with testing new digital platforms to be launched.

Spin Markket is a digital marketing agency providing over 250 digital marketing products, website design, graphic design, digital marketing, strategic planning, photo and video, podcast production and marketing, analytic data tracking, and a real-time business app dashboard for tracking.

Be watching for new digital platforms announcements that transform not only digital marketing for businesses but also new products that streamline internal business systems. For more information contact Spin Markket at, 515-302-8026, and visit us at


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