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Recruiting in our Digital World

Digital marketing is changing the face of recruitment and staffing. An ability to blast job openings to any person in any place has sped up the hiring process and created new opportunities and challenges for jobseekers and HR professionals.

Businesses planning to hire at any point in the next decade need to take a good hard look on their employment brand and online presence.

A recent study by Glassdoor shows that 94% of people would apply for a job if a company “actively manages their employer brand.”

This creates a serious problem for HR and companies today as there are many interpretations from the top down as to what this means. Questions like are we taking the right steps with our company’s brand or are we making things worse are thrown around during team meetings.

Today our world is digital and how you look digitally is the foundation that needs to be addressed first by any business. Without a solid foundation you can see your entire branding and marketing campaigns quickly crumble with just one digital shift.

At Spin Markket + Digital we call this the “Rough before the Fluff”. Taking a good hard look at areas such as:

· Your Business Listings across the major data providers

· Your business reviews and comments about your business

· Your Social Media presence, engagement, comments etc.

· Your Website and how it performs in loading, mobile viewing, server response time, load times etc.

· Your Digital Advertising and how it is performing. This includes retargeting, conversions, impressions, campaign performance, keywords etc.

· Your SEO and VSO. Can consumers find you when searching for your services, products or your business?

Having a solid foundation greatly improves any digital marketing and campaigns across all platforms. It also provides you the necessary resources to evaluate your digital marketing and adjust improve performance levels.

Our clients and workshop attendees will learn the following during the session:

· Understanding of how each of the areas listed above impact their digital footprint

· Understanding how they can evaluate each of these areas and interpret the information

· Understanding how to improve their business’s digital footprint with tools that provide specific information of how they look online.

· Understanding how they can collect important data to improve their recruiting efforts and reach the correct demographics

As you can see there are a lot of balls to juggle to take your business and HR department successfully into the digital world we all live in. It does not need to be a daunting task for you and your team. Spin Markket + DIgital will provide you the guidance and resources to take the steps to improve you digital footprint. Contact us today!

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